Technology and Healthcare in Brazil


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How to Understand Healthcare System and its Technology in Brazil Health is considered a basic right of the citizens: the Federal Constitution requires the government to fund the healthcare system and allows the private sector to assist in providing such services. In many places across Brazil, however, public healthcare suffers with  insufficient number of doctors, outdated equipment, and long waiting lines for appointments and treatments, failing to meet the entire demand for health services. This difficulty to access health makes room for healthcare plan carriers that offer plans for people with different incomes. Since the beginning of 2015, through the law 13,097/2015, the participation of foreign capital companies in the supplementary healthcare was allowed. The publication «How To Understand Healthcare Systems and its Technologies in Brazil» seeks offering investors and entrepreneurs a guide to understand the business issues involving the private healthcare in Brazil, with clear guidelines for all areas of business.



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How to Understand IT Law in Brazil Brazil currently occupies the 5th position worldwide in terms of revenue in the global IT and Telecommunications sector, and the goal is to conquer the 3rd position in 10 years. In this context, specialized legal services to understand the dynamics and the specificities of the sector become increasingly necessary. A proper comprehension of the Brazilian regulatory landscape through the technology use and its consequences, covering intellectual property issues, tax and labor impacts, extent of liability, consumer law, online business regulation and many other subjects addressed in this project, is essential for a successful business development of any size in the IT industry. Therefore, our mission with this title is to offer entrepreneurs a guide to understand the business issues involving technology in Brazil under the legal point of view.

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